About us

Who We Are

SIA PONTON is stable and reliable company that specializes in different floating constructions and equipment. In our offer you will find interesting solutions regarding to high quality pontoon systems, floating platforms, boat pontoons and a variety of shore line reinforcement options.

For several years Ponton.lv develops new technologies and solutions for floating constructions using such proved materials as steel, plastic and concrete. It allows to create new and interesting products on floating bases, such as floating houses, floating hot tubs and saunas. We offer a variety of pontoons used in the construction of floating boat pontoons.

Due to our long year experience there has been created wide choice of range of products and special equipment and accessories for public recreational bathing places such as seat benches, beach parasols, diving springboards, jump towers, water slides, different types of floating footbridges with ladders, buoys, etc.

Our services include the water bodies improvement works carried out using a special technique: reed cutter of aquatic plants, water treatment equipment, etc. Our systems offer permanent solutions for shore line reinforcement using the different materials such as plastic piles, gabions or wooden piles.

We offer:
-manufacturing of pontoons for yachts, motorboats and fishing boats;
-manufacturing of piers;
-production of floating and fixed constructions for recreation centres and boats stations, as well as floating saunas;
-production of timber constructions;
-development of special design;
-installation and assambley.

We offer professional solution for realizing your ideas!